How to enter

  1. Click on the All Categories tab at the top right of the screen
  2. Select AMEC Member or AMEC Non-Member
  3. Select the first category you wish to enter from the drop down categories list
  5. Register to set up your account.  PLEASE NOTE - The account login requirements on the Awards entry system are not related to any AMEC membership accounts. When registering, you will receive an email, click on the link to validate your account. You will need to do this before you can complete your entries.
  6. Complete each field in the entry form To add entries click on the dropdown under Add Another Item and choose the next category.
  7. Or go to the Categories tab on the menu and select the next category. You can save and go back to your entry to complete it right up to the entry deadline
  8. Use the ‘Your Account’ tab to view your entries.
  9. If you forget your password please use the reset password link on the login page
  10. To submit your entry, agree to the terms and conditions then click the COMPLETE button at the bottom of the page


The system does not  permit the uploading of video files. If you wish to upload a video as a supporting material please provide a Youtube or Vimeo link. You must ensure that the video can be viewed via the shared link and files must be uploaded via your account first and the link copied before making the entry.  A Vimeo Pro account is required.


Early EarlyBird Entry deadline: 18 February 2020
EarlyBird Entry deadline: 28 February 2020
Final Entry deadline: 16 March 2020 11.59pm GMT - EXTENDED DEADLINE 25 MARCH 2020 23.59 GMT
Finalists announced: May 2020
Awards presentation ceremony: 4 June 2020

Categories, entry fee, criteria, judging rubrics and all other information can be found at


Entry deadlines

  • Please note the entry deadline, this date is final but if you need an extension you must contact Nicola Gardiner 7 days before the deadline to ask for an extension at
  • If you miss the entry deadline please contact Nicola Gardiner to discuss late entries
  • You may edit your entry after submitting until the entry deadline

Guidelines on categories and eligibility

  • You are eligible to enter more than one category as long as the work submitted meets the criteria
  • Eligibility: The majority of the work carried out for each entry must have taken place between 1 September 2018 to 14 February 2020
  • On-going campaigns – you can enter a campaign that spans a long period of time as long as the main focus of the entry is this period from 1 September 2018 to 14 February 2020.


  • Entry fees must be paid online and must be paid at time of completing submissions.
  • It is possible to pay online and you can pay via invoice. Payment must be made immediately on receipt of the invoice. If your submissions have not been paid for immediately they may not be included in judging.


If you have any questions on the entry process please contact the organisers by email to